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One small change...

        can have a huge impact.

What's that change?


Eat more veggies!

The once healthiest and longest living population in the world, the Okinawans, got 69% of their calories from sweet potatoes! 

Veggies are insanely nourishing.

In one unassuming package, veggies:


  • Cause natural, lasting weight loss so you feel great in your skin

  • Nourish your body for a long, fulfilling, and vibrant life

  • Boost your energy so you can travel and fulfill your bucket list

  • Leave you feeling fuller, longer

  • Help you run around with your kids/grandchildren

  • Decrease the appearance of wrinkles (yep, you read that right!)

  • Instill unbeatable confidence in your future health

How, you ask? Well, veggies are:


  • The lowest calorie foods

  • High in fiber and water, reducing your overall calorie intake without trying so you can eat MORE without deprivation

  • Nutrient-packed, boosting your health measures beyond compare

  • Heart-healthy nutrients that lower blood pressure

  • Great for cholesterol, with the perfect of high fiber, low fat, cholesterol-free combo

  • Anti-inflammatory, for less joint pain and more oomph

When it comes to our health, we are given a laundry list of changes to make. Do this, don’t do that, and oh yeah, don’t eat that!

Let's switch gears.

Let's Make ONE Change.

Focus on ONE Thing.

Eliminate the Overwhelm.

Love Your Veggies Action Plan & Recipes eBook

Love Your Veggies ebook. An action plan to decrease your waistline, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack risk, and even wrinkles with veggies. Increase your affection for veggies with 19 creative ideas and over 45 veggie-inspired recipes.
Love Your Veggies recipe ebook. Grow your love for veggies with over 45 mouth-watering recipes that star and also hide high fiber, low calorie, and nutient dense veggies.
This Action Plan & Recipe eBook includes:
  • 19 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to permanently grow your affection for veggies
  • Over 45 Recipes (Mouth-Watering and Veggie-Powered)
  • Actions Steps to take starting today
  • Motivating Checklist to make the daily veggie habit stick, for good
  • Success Workbook with practical tips to achieve your health goals

Love your veggies & they will definitely love you back.

© 2023 by Colleen Montgomery. 

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