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Heart Health Coaching

12 Week Program

Weekly or biweekly sessions

1 Hour Virtual or Phone Sessions

We’ve known for decades that coronary artery disease (CAD), the most common form of heart disease, can be halted or even reversed!


Addressing the root causes of CAD allows us to heal our blood vessels and dramatically improve our blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars and more.


During your Heart Health Coaching program you will tackle the three vital links in the heart disease reversal chain: a plant-based dietary pattern, exercise and physical activity, and emotional wellbeing/support. 


You will receive:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions lasting 1 hour (first session will be 60-90 minutes)

  • Access to Coach Col via email or text between sessions

  • An individualized plan, including weekly goals that incrementally move you towards your specific heart health goals

  • Success Kits:

    • Adopting a Plant-Based Eating Pattern (includes sample menu, recipes, grocery list, healthy cooking tips, resources, and more)

    • Starting an Exercise Program (includes sample workouts)

    • Optimizing Emotional Wellbeing (includes quick and easy stress management techniques)


This program is for you if you:

  • Have coronary artery disease (sometimes referred to as “blockages”)

  • Have a history of cardiac events [i.e. heart attack(s), coronary bypass, cardiac stent(s)], or

  • Are at risk for heart problems (i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugars, overweight, etc.)

  • Are concerned about your heart health and want to get in the driver’s seat of your cardiac health



12 Week Program, 6 biweekly sessions: $359

12 Week Program, 12 weekly sessions: $599

Heart Health Coaching
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